This Is How A Non-Vegetarian Indian In The World Is Funny

An appetite of human beings needs food to live a healthy life. But that is not enough. A tongue intervenes and demands a good taste. It feeds appetite in an ample amount or to great amount if taste of food lingers on her. The source from which food is obtained divides people into vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For some people, eating a non-vegetarian food is a sin and unacceptable. Though a human appetite can digest both kinds of food, people consider it a sin. But those who are non-vegetarians, they do not give a second thought when a non-vegetarian dish is in front of them. Their favorite dish is among fish, mutton, chicken and all other non-vegetarian food available on planet.

This video is about every non-vegetarian Indian in the world and how they are funny when it comes to eating, convincing others about no harm in eating non-veg and eating habits. It represents how non-vegetarian guy deals with people who are vegetarian, how he fools them to eat non-veg, on which days he prohibits himself from eating and much more activities associated with eating non-veg food. This guy is what every non-vegetarian Indian can relate to. This is what makes it interesting and entertaining. Watch what goes through the mind of a non-vegetarian guy.