Heights of Stupidity – Why is Alia Bhatt So Dumb?

Heights of Stupidity - Why is Alia Bhatt So Dumb

Recently actor Alia Bhatt has been the butt of jokes, thanks to her dumb and foolish appearance on Koffee with Karan. People on social media went crazy at her mindless responses and poor GK and internet soon got flooded with jokes, gigs and memes depicting her dumbness and reactions to various real life situations. Have a hearty laugh and do not forget to like and share.

And if are a fan of Alia Bhatt and don’t agree with me, read on, am sure you will chase her to kill. Funniest, dumbest and stupidest answers given by Alia Bhatt for some of the silliest questions.

1. Alia Answering One Of The Toughest Questions On KBC.

Alia Bhatt Jokes1

2. Pls Somebody Tell Her Parents = Mother+Father.

Alia Bhatt Jokes2

3. Her Vote Was Not Counted In This Election. Why? See How She Has Voted.

Alia Bhatt Jokes3

4. Alia’s Mind Makeup.

Alia Bhatt Jokes4

5. Even Aliens Are Dumbstruck With Her Answer.

Alia Bhatt Jokes5

6. What A Reply To Bill Gates!

Alia Bhatt Jokes6

7. A True Fan Of Modi is Alia.

Alia Bhatt Jokes7

8. Send Her Back To School Please…

Alia Bhatt Jokes8

9. Deepika Did The Right Thing! You Deserved It Alia.

Alia Bhatt Jokes9

10. Vijay Mallya Will Go And Die In Chullu Bhar Paani.

Alia Bhatt Jokes10

11. Her GK..Mashallah..

Alia Bhatt Jokes11

12. Alia Watching IPL, Look Who Got Out Just Now.

Alia Bhatt Jokes12

13. How Alia Trolled Arnab Goswami On His Show.

Alia Bhatt Jokes13

14. Finally, Words Of Wisdom From Genius Einstein Himself.

Alia Bhatt Jokes14

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