A Hilarious Video Of Guys Curl Their Eyelashes For The First Time

Makeup is the favorite subject of ladies. No amount of time is enough for them to put on a makeup with which they will be satisfied. For them, a makeup is like a delicious sweet. No matter how much we have eaten, the stomach is full; but we want to eat more and more. The heart is never satisfied. The occasion doesn’t excite them; but doing makeup and having a new look is much more exciting. It’s not their need, it’s their passion. The beauty industry will never die and stop innovating. From plastic surgery to powder manufacturers, all the businesses are thriving.

Makeup is a women thing, but what will happen when men will start putting on makeup. They have to spend years learning how many beauty products are there in the world and how to use them. This is what happens when men try eyelashes for the first time. Many of them do not even know how to use it correctly and how they will look. First, they feel excited to use it. But later, some of them felt good and some of them weird. They realized that they were looking more handsome after using it. Doing something for the first time is not easy, and makeup for men for the first time is more painful. Watch this video for men’s hilarious reactions.