This Is How Grandfather Reacted When Baby Girl Stroller Rolled Onto Train Tracks

Uncertainty is exciting; but not when a life is on the line. With unexpected twists and turns, a life can give shocks that might be unable to recover from. The unpredictability of life gives an excitement and thrill. The consequences can lead to inner turmoil after excitement and thrill is passed. Some eerie incidences occur due to slight distraction and carelessness lead to penitence for rest of the life and penance for those mistakes becomes non-viable.

A horrific incidence took play at train station in Sydney. As grandfather was oblivious of a slight slope on platform and left a baby stroller for a second. Before grandpa save it from going on tracks, the stroller rolled down to train tracks. Baby girl’s mother and grandmother ran to help. And grandpa jumped off on tracks, the train was 100 meters away. He rescued his 18 month old baby girl safely, but the train was running down with a horn. He ran toward the end of platform and reached safely preventing an unfortunate incidence. A baby girl was injured and safe. The grandfather had no injuries; but was dumbfounded after the incidence. His acumen saved him from experiencing a sharp pang of guilt for the whole of his life. Hats off to the courage of grandfather who rescued his baby girl! Watch this video.