Government Considers ‘Panic Button’ In Cell Phones For Women’s Safety

Women’s Safety

Safety of Women in India has always been a major concern. There are various instances that question the government regarding the security and safety of woman. Thus, Women’s condition in India is a matter of a serious concern. Although, the world is moving further, woman’s safety in India is lagging behind. Crimes against the woman across the country gives an indication for us to keep more attention on security measures.

Hence, Government of India took this issue seriously. It started planning for the safety of woman. Hence, it started on working out on improving the safety of woman. There are various ideas relating to the safety precaution measures of woman like necklaces, rings and bracelets with specific SOS message sending features in situations of emergency. Keeping all these suggestions aside, Government is impressed with the idea of introducing a ‘panic’ button in mobile phones.

Women and Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi has made announcement regarding this decision. Maneka says that government asked the manufacturers of mobile phones to work out on the feasibility of ‘panic’ button feature that is GPS connected.

Maneka says that this proposal may be implemented within few months. Although, there are various emergency apps that are of some help during critical situations, government believes that the limitations of these apps are the concerns with regard to women’s safety. Instead, pressing a simple button may be of much help to protect woman from untoward incidents. Therefore, inbuilt panic button in mobile phones may play an important role in protecting woman.

This panic button, when pressed during emergency situations automatically sends messages to a set of numbers. It also notifies the location details of the mobile. Once the panic button is pressed, ‘Panic Response Team’ will be notified about the incident. It starts verifying the incident and informs the severity to the police officials for immediate action. This button which is inbuilt in the mobile phone allows easy access.

As per the information from the sources, Department of telecommunication has given nod to telecom regulator’s emergency proposal. India is considering setting 112 as a single emergency number just like 911 in United States. Let us hope that the introduction of panic button in mobile phones may ensure the protection of women.