This Is How Girls Go Crazy When Their Sister Has A Baby

The feelings of having a baby cannot be explained in words. The moment when baby’s parents cry together holding a baby is precious than any victory. The excitement starts from the very moment parents know that they are having a baby. The dreams of a mother and father are different, but both are happy that a new person is coming in their lives. From taking precautions in pregnancy to the delivery, the process is difficult. But when they see face of a newborn, they forget everything, their problems, worries and hardships. The only thing that is done at that time is embracing the child from heart.

This is about how parents feel. The relatives are more excited than them. When a woman has baby, her relatives go crazy with the cuteness of newborn and wanted to kiss all the time. When mother’s sister comes to know it, she has no boundaries of fondness. She tells everybody, keeps profile pic, background photo of her niece, praises her cuteness, and shows pictures to everyone around her. She treats the baby like her own child. Choosing clothes and writing letters to her is the most fascinating part of their lives. Watch this video to know how a girl reacts when her sister has a baby.