Get Into An Elevator? You Must Be Kidding!!!

Elevators are places that throw many surprises in life.And many times, nasty ones too.Well, would you be terrified if you saw a man in half?That’s right a man cut in half and carrying his own legs?Scary, right? A young woman and a dude get into en elevator.Looks like the 5th floor.When the door closes,a man suddenly screams.This guy is literally in half holding his own legs with his hands.His upper body is floating in the air with no support.The two people who got in are terrified.

The man in half is none other than Andy Gross.Andy is an illusionist.He is also a ventriloquist, magician, racquetball player.Andy has done this trick in the year 2013 but he has returned in 2015,the elevator is the latest.And people who come face to face with his during this trick, are definitely terrified.At 2 minutes and 9 seconds,two youngsters don’t seem to be scared;rather the girl asks for a picture with him.Some people enjoy the trick although they’re scared at first. Well, I would think twice before getting into an opaque elevator.Would you?