What Would You Do If You Found A Girl Lost On The Streets Of India

The increasing cases of rape incidents across the nation has made it very hard for women to move around in public without worrying about being followed or stalked. The increasing number of pedophile cases has also triggered alarm bells in the minds of parents who find it very hard to trust their little ones in the company of anyone today. But worst of all is the increasing number of female infanticide cases that still go ignored in a country that is considered progressive. With this in mind, Funk You decided to conduct a social experiment. The team decided to have a small girl get lost on the streets and ask random strangers for help in order to find out what they would do in a situation where the girl’s father claims to have abandoned here on purpose.

The team got a child actor who would play the role of the lost girl. They equipped her with a bag and a cellphone inside it. They then asked her to walk on the streets crying and asking for help those around her. The experiment started and the girl started greeting strangers for help. Meanwhile, the entire conversation between them would be recorded by the audio recording app on her mobile phone.

The strangers get the girls name and ask for her phone number. When they call the father, he blatantly reveals that he had abandoned her because she was a burden to him. Watch the video to gauge the reactions of these strangers and what they do for the girl.