Every Indian Girl Lies About These Things

Everyone has secrets. There is always something in one’s life that only a handful of people, or in some cases only one person, knows about. This is the nature of secrets; you just cannot share them with everyone. You cannot even share them with some of your closest friends; probably that’s why they are called secrets.

And when it comes to secrets; girls are probably the best in keeping them. Although it’s not that boys don’t have secrets; boys too withhold certain things from others. But there are a number of things that girls, especially Indian girls, lie about. There are many examples for this; if you ask a girl if she ever checks out other people’s profiles on Facebook, there is a high chance that their immediate response would be ‘No. I never check others’ profiles. I have much better things to do with my time.’ Not only do they lie to their friends or acquaintances, but they also sometimes lie to their parents and relatives; but don’t worry, it’s that sweet, harmless kind of lying. Like if a girl’s mother asks her to help her in some of her daily chores, the girl would say that she is not feeling well and therefore needs to take some rest.

There are many more things that girls lie about. Watch this superb video which lists almost all those things which a girl lies about.