Delhi Wale Talk About Their First Breakups

If there is love, there is bound to be a breakup. Breakups have only become too common in today’s world of changing lifestyles and preferences. Growing up, we may have experienced our fair share of breakups as well. But the first breakup would always remain the most memorable as well as the most painful. So we went around asking a couple of Indians in the nation’s capital Delhi to talk about their first breakup.

The individuals were asked a series of questions related to the first breakup. This included the age at which they had experienced their first breakup, their experience with it and whether they were in touch with the individual or not. The average age at which these individuals broke up with their first crushes or lovers was around 18 while most of them claimed to not be in touch with their first flames because of the nature in which they broke up.

The individuals were then asked how they broke up for the first time. While some claimed it was a text message that ended everything, some claimed to have told it directly over the phone. Some even claimed that they had received notifications of breaking up. Check out all the other questions these individuals had to answer about their first break up.