Delhi Bans Maggi Due To High Lead Levels


Maggi Noodles is having trouble in maintaining their market in India after the government has found the excess use of Lead contents in the Maggi. The samples have been taken form all over the places for testing purposes by the Civil Supplies Department. It is found that Delhi government ban Maggi after testing the samples. A Delhi government spokesman said 10 out of 13 samples tested for lead content in the popular food item were found to have amounts higher than permissible limits.

Maggi noodles, the two minutes noodles for the children, flew off the selves on Tuesday.State governments from Delhi to Kerala, and from Tamil Nadu to Haryana, Maharashtra and West Bengal, deployed officials to randomly collect Maggi samples of different batches and dates for testing the safety of its content.A senior Delhi health official said all existing stocks of Maggi will have to be removed from the market immediately since 80% of samples tested were found to be unfit for human consumption.

After testing the samples by Kerela government, they have pulled out Maggi products from its 1700 Supplyco outlets.Civil supplies minister Anoop Jacob said, “We’ve decided to withdraw the product from our outlets”.Kerela government is yet to ban Maggi and still testing process is going on.