Watch This Awakening Video And Decide Whether This Is Democracy

Getting a freedom of choice is the best thing about democracy. Choosing to do what is morally right by following the rules of constitution of India is what makes democracy one of the best governing system for any country. But when the right to choose the way of life and the way of doing things in own way have been deprived, democracy becomes nothing other than dictatorship. Having difference of opinion about doing things in certain way is acceptable, but not letting others to choose the way they want to live their life only it is not convincing to you is unacceptable. The core of democracy is vanished.

This video is about a couple who are suffering a lot because of various bans, morale policing and many activities that do not define democracy. A couple is living in a live-in relationship. When they were watching TV, some channels were banned. After some time, activists invade their home and destroy everything they do not approve of. They tie the guy’s hands and legs with a rope. Destroy their personal belongings which are not acceptable to them. Using violence, they intimidate couple to keep quiet. The question these activists do not ask themselves is whether this is acceptable in a democratic nation. Watch and decide.