Watch Super Cute Alia Bhatt In Dubsmash Video Of Kareena Kapoor’s Jab We Met Dialogue

Jab We Met was released when Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor broke up. The film gain a lot popularity not only because people want to watch chemistry between Kareena and Shahid who were the cutest couple but also because of its cool dialogues along with swag of a Punjabi girl. The role of ‘bindass’ Punjabi girl was played by Kareena and Shahid played a role of a rich businessman suffering from a heart break. Accidently, they meet in train and their journey starts. She misses her train due to him and it becomes his responsibility to drop her safely to her home.

The film is about their journey, their cool interactions and what happens after when he successfully drops to her home. The jovial and cheerful nature of ‘Geet’ played by Kareena, the intense and serious nature of ‘Aditya’ played by Shahid and the romantic journey of these two completely opposite personality makes it interesting. During the journey, Aditya asks Geet whether she likes herself a lot and she replies that she is her favorite. This is the best scene of the movie. Alia Bhatt uses this scene for this dubsmash video. The way Kareena reacted to this question was adorable and Alia reacting is super cute. Her expression will make you forget her dumb image and you will admire her cuteness. Watch this video.