Do You Have These Garments In Your Wardrobe: Top 10 Clothings Modern Indian Girls Love To Wear

Clothings Modern Indian Girls Love To Wear

India has changed a lot ever since the globalization of 1991 and it is the Indian fashion which became the first thing to get inspired from the western culture. However; despite the dominance of the western culture, Indian fashion industry is still a graceful confluence of the east and the west. There are many types of dresses that we see girls around us adorning today. Mentioned below are some of the most popular dresses that Indian women and the vibrant current generation loves to wear.

1. Denim And Tees

Ever since Indian women and teenage girls have been exposed to globalization, a pair of denims paired with a casual t-shirts have remained their staples.

Denim And Tees

2. Kurta

Kurta is probably the only attire that can challenge the popularity of jeans t-shirt. These are ideal as both formal and informal purposes.


3. Salwar Kameez/Churidar

Despite the arrival of various Wester and stylish clothing options in Indian, Indian women and girls still love the gorgeous ethnic look that salwar kameez or churidar kameez lends them.

Salwar Kameez Churidar 4. Saree

No matter how much they love western dresses, Indian women would probably never be able to leave their love for saree.


5. Jeggings

Although a comparatively new entrant into Indian fashion, jeggings which is hybrid form of jeans and leggings have taken the Indian fashion market by storm, predominantly due the rainbow of colors they are available in.


6. Tunics

Nothing can compare with the modern yet decent look and comfort of tunics. These are one of the most preferred garments for modern Indian girls.


7. Lehenga Choli

Though not popular as a daily wear, Lehenga Choli is a must have attire for every Indian women and every Indian bride love their Lehenga Choli dearly.

Lehenga Choli

8. Capri

Mainly popular among young girls, capri pants are something that modern Indian girls love.


9. Shorts

Shorts and hot pants are the latest rage among fashion conscious young Indian girls.


10. Dresses

Young party loving Indian girls are extremely fond of cute and small dresses. These are available in many colors and style.