A Hilarious Take on Cinema Then Vs. Cinema Now

Cinema has come a very long way from the old days when it was considered as just a form of entertainment. Today, cinema has become an essential part of our lifestyle, a stress buster we cannot do without, and a way to dream about making it big someday, just like all the stars in those movies. Cinema has also come a long way in terms of the way it is approached now. Here is a hilarious take on what cinema was a few decades back as opposed to what it is now.

The first change we see here is experience. In those days, you were considered a newbie even if you had directed 10 movies. But today, directing just 2 short films gives you the experience you need to enter the big league. Then we have the script which used to be written on hundreds of sheets of paper, leather bound and handed over to the producer. Today, the entire script is available on a pen drive.

In those days, they would ask you for coffee and then ask you to go out and drink it. Not much difference in this department though. Today, you will be offered cigarettes only to see an empty cigarette box in front of you. And while village movies were the main focus those days, horror movies steal the show today. There’s more. Check out how cinema has changed drastically over the past few years and you will be left with tears in your eyes for sure. From laughing of course.