Chill Chahtha Hai – The Ultimate Parody Of Dil Chahtha Hai

It is the age of spoofs. And nearly every other movie is turned into a spoof of sorts. So the team at The Unglis decided to have a go at it and ended up making a spoof of their own. And the movie they chose for the purpose was the cult film Dil Chahtha Hai.

Who can forget Dil Chahtha Hai, the film that redefined the way films were made in Bollywood till then. Dealing with three thick friends and the myriad issues they face in the lives, the showcased a side of Aamir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan that no one knew existed. Better yet, it literally relaunched Saif Ali Khan into the big league, changing his sinking Bollywood career by 180 degrees literally overnight.

One would have many fond memories of the title song Dil Chahtha Hai from the movie. Hence, this spoof may come as a shock or disappointment for those who loved the song. However, setting aside sentiments for a while, we ask you to take a look at his parody of the hit song which is so bad that it is actually good. Aptly titled ‘Chill Chahtha Hai’, the song revolves around three thick friends who desperately want a break from the myriad issues that are stuffed down their throat on a daily basis. Enjoy the ride and come out with no hard feelings!