Breaking News From India TV – Aliens Try Abducting Cows And Himesh Reshammiya

Aliens Try Abducting Cows And Himesh Reshammiya

We are exceptionally overall familiar with the intelligent capacities of our Indian news channels yet this takes the level of idiocy to entire diverse level. Along these lines, it may be the first run through in the historical backdrop of TV that a news channel explained a riddle that has been frightful the best personalities of the world for quite some time – Aliens. Also on the off chance that you accept the India TV fellows the aliens continue frequenting to Earth for just and stand out thing- Cows , their milk and Himesh reshammiya. See it for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Aliens Drink Milk

Kya isme bhi Pakistan ka haath hai


we are listening

no one messes with our cows

too asli

aliens are defiling the cows

Gayab hone ka photo

Did you try the local meat shop

really suck at Photoshop

this capped catastrophe



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