Bollywood Copied These Tunes Of Songs And Actually Some Of These Songs Are Big Hits

It takes a lot of efforts to make a song. To compose, to write, to sing, to record and to make it available for people to listen. But doing this process easy can make many things difficult afterwards if the original composer finds out that the tunes of a song has been stolen from his originally composed tunes. The copyright infringement can cause a loss of millions to producers. To avoid this from happening, choosing to take the shortcut will vilify the image of composer who chose to copy from others and sell like his own. This has been happening all over the world and as soon as the original composer finds out, he sues copycats to compensate for using his intellectual property.

This video is about Bollywood songs which have been copied from some other songs in different languages. And these songs are popular and favorite of many Indians. This video unravels those songs which tunes have been copied and only lyrics have been changed. The trend of copying works of any other artist will harm the reputation of music of Bollywood. It is not according to morality and it needs to be punished. The eminent music directors have found copying works of other artists. This is a shame for Indian music lovers that their favorite songs are copied from other songs and not authentic. Watch this video to know which songs are those.