Annoying Things Non-Vegetarians say to Vegetarians

The debate of whether vegetarian or non vegetarian food is good is a never ending one. While we think each has its attributes, one thing we can’t stand is someone telling us that our choice of food is wrong. Worse yet, we feel absolutely enraged if someone were to ask us silly questions about our food habits, especially if they fall on the opposite end of the food pyramid and don’t have an inkling of why we eat what we eat.

Here is one such video that shows how annoying an experience this could be. For better clarity, we have chosen the topic as Annoying questions non-vegetarians ask vegetarians. If you are a vegan, then you will definitely relate to these questions.

Question 1: Oh so you are vegetarian? You literally feel like tearing them apart with your glare as you accept that you are a vegetarian and then ask what problem they have with it?

Question 2: You smoke and drink, but don’t eat non-veg? Of course, just like you think, talk but still manage to make no sense.

Question 3: Are you ordering food or starters? When are you going to order the main food? This is main food for us bro!

There are so many other questions vegetarians are literally tired of hearing from non-vegetarians. Check them out and prepare to have a laugh.