Sorry! – An Awareness Video For Those Who Litter Everywhere

Walking on a road with your friend, talking about a girl you have crush on, you finished eating your Cornetto of a great taste lingering on your tongue; but now the question is where will you throw the wrapper? You see a lot of litter around you at the side of a road. Will you do the same what other people with no social responsibility did? Or you will put that into pocket and find a dustbin to throw it. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan campaign is an initiative by the Government of India to make a clean roads, town and infrastructure of nation. But when it comes to contributing to that initiative, a lot of people fail. They spit on street, keep their homes clean, but doesn’t care what’s happening outside their homes.

In this video, a person spits out of his car on a bike. He represents those who have no social responsibility. He travels in a clean car, but doesn’t care about cleanliness outside his car. When a bike rider confronts, he said that it happens by mistakenly and refuses to apologize. In the end, something happens to a guy who spat to make him realize that he should have apologized for his mistake. Watch what happens that makes him realize it.