Adorable Salman And His Qutiyapa Fan!!

Recently we have witnessed a lot of rising bollywood stars that have appeared in all kinds viral comedy scoops. From Ranveer singh ,Sonakshi Sinha,Parineeti Chopra to Alia bhatt, all have shown their various sense of humor. Being roasted in AIB shows or to promote their movies in popular scoops websites, they all have made their presence felt in this space. Even Badshah of bollywood one and only Shah Rukh Khan was seen promoting his last movie Happy new year in the Viral Fever video scoop. However, now Bollywood heartthrob Dabbang Khan, Aka Salman Khan is seen in new viral video.

The video was made during Splash Fashion autumn winter shoot. The video named Security breach showcase Salman Khan in very jovial mood with his great sense of humor. He looks Dapper in the video.
We have often seen this playful side of Salman in different reality shows. The scoop is about a Salman’s diehard fan Who breaches security and comes to meet him during Photo shoot. He willfully tells Salman that he bunks classes to watch his movies. Salman playfully asks him to call his father and to his utter surprise guy’s father is also a huge fan of salman. The scoop is also testimony of the fact that salman enjoys a mammoth fan following across generation to generation and how he deals with them.
Watch this video and enjoy.