Must Watch : A Spectacular Timelapse Video Of Earth From Space

The inhabitants of this planet Earth are so busy with themselves. Human beings, superior species, have kept them busy with their own demand and supply. They have no time to think about planet Earth. The busy life schedule even not allowing us to stare at the beautiful nature existed on this beautiful planet. This Human race has already done damage to this beautiful Blue Planet. The time is passing by quickly. Often, warning bell rings and warns us that the ‘life’ will soon vanish from this Blue Planet. Even some has predicted the coming of the Doomsday!

Well, amidst this, some human beings are involved in protecting our planet Earth. Some organizations are working as watchdogs of the planet Earth. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is such an organization. And, some are involved in clicking beautiful snaps of this Blue Planet from International Space Station. Those images are undoubtedly breathtaking! Alexander Gerst is such a person. Alexander Gerst, ESA (European Space Agency) Astronaut, has spent some exciting times at international space station. And, Gerst has succeeded in clicking Earth’s imagery from space from different angle.

Have you ever imagined how planet Earth would look from space? Here is a breathtakingly beautiful timelapse video with imagery of planet Earth. This video is compilation of timelapses of the planet Earth taken from the International Space Station. Take some valuable time out of your busy schedule, and watch this spectacular video. Watching this will not give you any money, but it will certainly give some eternal peace to you for few minutes. Watch it. Don’t miss it!