A School Boy becomes a Child Labor – Watch The Reactions He Gets

A lot of us tend to raise a hue and cry about child labour. But how many of us actually take a stand to stop such acts even if they happened to occur right in front of our eyes? How many of us are willing to take on the responsibility of bearing a child’s educational expenses in order to encourage him/her to go to school? And how many of us would be willing to support the child’s family financially so that he/she can study without worrying about having to make ends meet? Not many for sure!

Here’s a video that proves this point to perfection. In the video, we see a child worker carrying a board that says ” I want to go to school. Please help me”. The kid is in fact a child actor who agreed to pose with the placard while working in a tea salon and selling balloons on the street.

The child stands on the streets for hours on end as people pass by him continuously. Save for one or two curious individuals who stop to read the board fully, the rest of the individuals who pass him are completely disinterested. Forget offering him any financial aid, only a few stopped to buy balloons from him. And only a very few individuals stopped to offer him some sort of help for his studies. What will you do in this situation? Think!!!