Watch A Hilarious Compilation A Movie Scene And TV Show By Jizzy And Veerji

Emotional scenes from movies make us submerge in them by touching the heart. When these emotional scenes are complied and by adding some situations from real life to create humor will take those scenes to new level. It will also entertain people by presenting those same scenes in funny way by adding some own dialogues. This Screenpatti’s video is a compilation of Jimmy Shergil’s emotional confession from Lage Raho Munnabhai with their version of problems and interview of Priyanka Chopra about her new American TV show Quantico. When his reactions according to scene of movie and Priyanka’s responses to interviewer have been complied their own version of questions, the effect is hilarious.

This is Jizzy and Veerji show in which they entertain us by asking some bold questions to Jimmy Shergil on his career and acting skills. They compiled these questions with reactions of him in confession that he lost 7 lakh rupees in movie. They take this entertainment to next level when they compile their questions with the answers given by Priyanka in her interview. They ask about Parineeti Chopra’s weight, how she feels about doing TV show and much more intimate questions. These compilations will make you laugh hard. The humor is phenomenal. Watch this video.