Watch A Mockery Of Indian Politicians Through A Musical Way

India is a democratic country. Every person in this country has a right to choose what he wants, where he wants to live, which leader he wants to vote for and many more rights that involve choosing according to his own will. Whenever there are restrictions put on these rights by government or politician, the rage of people made them drop those restrictions and give people their rights as mentioned in Indian constitution. The recent example of it is a ban on porn. After enraged reactions from all over the nation, government lifted the ban. The democracy can change the country. From one party running the country for a decade to selection of another party to run country in elections of 2014 is an example of how democracy is powerful.

Yet, there are certain areas in which democracy is in the form of dictatorship. People are deprived of their birthrights and not able to live the life in a way they want. This video is about the tour of team ‘Aisi Taisy Democracy’ who are leading musicians of India includes lead vocalist of Indian Ocean band Rahul Ram, stand-up artist and lyricist Varun Grover and Satirist Sanjay Rajoura. They comment on some Indian politicians in this video that will make you laugh. The mockery of some of the politicians is entertaining and it has been done in musical way. Watch this video.