A Hilarious Take On Things A Middle Class Family Does

To define a middle class family is not difficult. The twisted and weird thinking of a middle class family is what makes it special. Their actions make a huge difference is economy of a nation. It is responsible for most of the development of a country. Things they do and the ways they choose to do are unreasonable and sometimes, impossible to justify. The way of thinking makes people who they are. The daily habits shape the future. The dreams and aspirations of a middle class family are not unimaginable or impossible. They enjoy living in a box and it continues as they find comfort in routine and small things which make a huge difference.

This video is about funny things a middle class family does. From riding family of four on one scooter to going in ATM machines in summer days for AC, a middle class man is funny and important in many ways. The most important thing for a middle class person is to provide a good education for children. They use their savings of lifetime only to get a degree which they think is essential for job. Jayvijay mentions many instances from his life which outlines the way of thinking of a middle class family. These things are what we all middle class family members can relate to. Watch this video.