8 Top Advantages Of Having A Heartlessly Honest Buddy

Honest Buddy

Each one of us needs friends. Friends on whom you can rely before going for an important decision, friends who would not really mind even if you call at an odd hour, friends who shamelessly attack your dessert filled plate without even thinking for a second! There are situations and things that cannot be shared with family at times, and who else can be a perfect antidote for such, than our good old friends?

More the number of friends we have, more the attitudes and traits we see. One significant base of a true friendship is honesty. It is a blessing to have  honest friends, although they might seem quite straightforward and adamant at times in expressing their views. If you are one of those who has a heartlessly honest buddy, this article is for you. We discover here, 8 advantages of having such buddies:

Your Friend Is A Genuine Support For Self-improvement

A problem we all face is that we want to improve ourselves, and sometimes even transform ourselves! But we are greatly confused as to where to start? Where exactly do we need to better ourselves? We need someone who will give us honest feedback, without caring how we would feel after hearing it. Such feedback can be expected only from an honest friend. If taken positively, this feedback assists us in knowing what our areas of improvement are and can definitely be used constructively.

Self Improvement

Time Spent With Your Friend Is A Great Stress Buster

Unlike most others, an honest friend knows you well and expresses it openly. He will immediately point out if you are telling a lie or faking about something. Hence, it’s useless to put on a fake mask or choose your words and actions carefully when you are with him, like you do with the rest of the world. This makes the interaction and time spent stress free. You can be your true self.

Great Stress Buster

Money Management Is Easier With Your Friend

If you are still in college, stay in a hostel and don’t yet earn, you probably depend on money given by your parents. You often come across friends who take a long time and sometimes even forget to return money borrowed from you. But this honest friend of yours makes sure that your money is returned to you on time, and also voluntarily accepts to contribute and enjoy a treat together.

Money Management

You Learnt A Lot From Your Friend’s Impartial Attitude

An honest friend views people and situations impartially because being straightforward and non-judgemental matters to him more than impressing or being in the good books of anyone. He defends you instead of adding fuel to the fire in case someone wrongly criticizes you in your absence. Hence, you don’t have to worry about him talking behind your back.

Impartial Attitude

You Know Whether You Are Actually Looking Good Or Not

Although you are the best judge for yourself, you tend to ask your friends how you look in a particular outfit or a new hairstyle. Your jealous friends could easily say, “You look extremely gorgeous in that pink dress” when it actually is looking weird on you or say, “This hairstyle does not go with your face” when actually the hairstyle does complement your face cut very well. You don’t have the risk of such dangerous suggestions when your friend is honest.

Good Or Not

You Don’t Fall Prey To False Assurances And Disappointment

There are times when your friends say “yes” for an event or a task just to make you happy momentarily and then do not turn up on the day, putting forward some lame excuse. Your honest friend sets the right expectations in case he is unavailable so that you make alternate arrangements and do not go into a panic mode at the last moment.


Your Friend Acts As A Warning Post And A Speed Breaker

Your honest friend is your well-wisher and warns you ahead of time if you tread on the wrong path, get emotional about someone who is trying to use you for their own benefit, or if someone is taking undue advantage of your innocence. Like many others, he does not choose to keep quiet in such cases even if it’s your personal life and tries to discourage you, even if you don’t like it.

Warning Post

You Now Know Why Your Heartlessly Honest Friend Is Actually Your True Friend

Your friend who strictly believes that honesty is the best policy, is totally aware of the value of true friendship in life, and will not ditch you ever. He will not leave you in odd circumstances. You can rely on him, as he will not exchange you for anything in the world!