8 Things Women Are Most Insecure About

Things Women Are Most Insecure About

To the world, a woman might look like the epitome of confidence and poise. But internally there are some nagging insecurities that stress them out. If you are in a relation with an Indian woman then these are the insecurities you have to help her work out.

1. Size Matters

For most women, the weight issue has been a big problem zone. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks about them, what matters is that they do not always find themselves beautiful.

Size Matters

2. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?

Despite being in safe and stable relationships, women tend to keep doubting whether it will last or not. This insecurity also stems from the fact that with age a woman feels that her husband may not find her as interesting or attractive.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

3. All The HELP You Can Get

For Indian women getting and keeping good domestic help is a source of constant worry. If the maid is absent or late or seen talking to someone else, the employer starts getting nightmares of the maid leaving.

All the HELP You Can Get

4. Show Me The Money

Of course everyone is insecure to some extent about money. But for women planning a future with someone, money and security means a stable life ahead. If the woman earns more than her man, an added stress would be to ensure that he still feels manly enough in the relation.

Show Me The Money

5. Friends And Family

Being accepted and liked by his friends and family are very important to a woman. If despite her efforts she has been unable to hit it off, it gets her thinking if they have been getting bad reviews about her (from him obviously).

Friends And Family

6. No More Flirting

When he stops flirting with her, she starts thinking that maybe he doesn’t find her that attractive. This could mean danger to their relationship, which she is already insecure about.

No More Flirting

7. Bedtime Stories

Indian women have been brought up thining that a woman is not supposed to like physical relations or want it often, and should just be submissive. A man on the other hand is sexually aggressive and will want it frequently. So if he stops showing up in bed as often, she might think that she is not doing something right.

Bedtime Stories

8. The Ex Phobia

If you have been dating very good-looking or successful women in your past, she may compare herself often to them and fret whether she is falling short in any department. She deliberately puts herself down thinking that this is how he may view her in comparison too.

The Ex Phobia