8 Reasons Why Beer Is Not Bad For You

Reasons Why Beer Is Not Bad For You


If you have been facing hell from your spouse for your beer sessions, then here are 8 reasons why you should bring out that chilled can and toss it back. When had in moderation there are many health benefits that beer offers which other alcoholic drinks lack.

1. A Healthy Drink

Did you know that beer is a rich source of Vitamin B(3, 6 and 9)? This means that it helps the body in cell repair, alleviates PMS and prevents colon cancer. However, in order to gain maximum benefits, beer intake should be within limits.

A Healthy Drink

2. Heart-Friendly

There have been researches conducted that show that chances of heart related diseases are upto 31% lower in beer drinkers than in those who don’t drink. Of course the mandate is that the dose must not exceed over a pint a day.


3. No More Stones

Another research has concluded that the chances of kidney stones are lower in those who consume moderate amount of beer than in those who don’t. However, soda consumption actually increases the chances of kidney stones.

No More Stones

4. Secret For Smooth Hair

All those who have seen the latest Beer shampoo in the market must know that it is very good conditioner for the hair. It is also a great way to use leftover flat Belgian or German beer. The malt provides the nourishment and smoothening while the yeast increases hair volume while also strengthening the hair strands.

Secret For Smooth Hair

5. Beer Spas

The latest in the European therapeutic offerings is beer spa that offers guests a soak in dark lager. They also provide a very yummy beer facial with a mix of honey, cream cheese, malt and ground hops, which is supposed to be excellent for the face.

Beer Spas

6. Clean And Clear

Consuming beer can actually be a good thing for your digestive system. It not only slows down the digestive process (thereby preventing overeating) but also acts as a laxative.

Clean And Clear

7. Stress-Buster

There can be nothing more relaxing that sitting with friends and sipping a chilled mug of beer. It is a good way to unwind from all the stress accumulated over the day.


8. A Drink That Bonds

Since beer has a lower percentage of alcohol content than other liquors, as well as so many benefits, drinking beer is a better option than any other liquor. It lowers your inhibitions enough to get you comfortable and make friends easily. The key point here is that while a pint may work to remove inhibitions, anything over that can prove to be a social disaster.

A Drink That Bonds