7g Challenge – The Ultimate Parody Of Airtel 4g That Tells You What Phones Should Really Be Used For

We have all got used to seeing the 4G advertisements by global telecommunications provider. Claiming to offer the best and fastest internet service pack in the form of the 4G data card, the company created a series of ads to promote the same. Aired on television, these ads created quite the curiosity as people with smartphones stared exchanging their existing data cards for the 4G alternatives.

Now here is another ad that claims to offer something far more superior to mobile users, 7G. And to prove how much better this service is when compared to Airtel 4G, a video titled ‘7G Challenge’ was shot. The video features sequences that mimic the Airtel 4G challenge ads, but with a cheeky twist. It starts with two teams getting ready to face each other in a battle of the best phone. The smartphone is on one side while the traditional mobile handset is on the other end.

The referee calls both teams to the table and kicks off  the competition by announcing the first challenge, the weather report. While the smartphone team starts checking it on the mobile, the traditional team simply looks up at the sky and provides the weather report. The next challenge; Status update. The smartphone team goes to Facebook while the traditional team calls up one of its members to provide a live status update by mouth.

The 7G Challenge video is filled plenty of such parodies. Check them out and find out why you are better off using your phone for its intended purpose, talking.