7 Real Life Stories That Definitely Need Movie Adaptation!

Real Life Stories That Definitely Need Movie Adaptation!

Literature is nothing but a mirror to life! Whatever is happening or has happened on this earth has found it’s way into literature. Literature further gave birth to movies, which now has become more popular. Today, movies have become a pivotal aspect of providing motivation and inspiration. Movies like Bhaag Milka Bhaag, i am kalam, , Guru etc are all real stories which have been adapted into movies. Earlier many did not know about Milka Singh’s outstanding contribution in Sports and today, people not only know about him but have also started taking part in sports. Therefore movies play a very important role. There exists many such outstanding stories which are worth sharing. Following are Seven such real life stories that should have movie adaptations.

1. Smriti Irani

The Human Resource Development Minister, who has become a source of inspiration for many, lived a very unconventional life which is worth sharing. She slammed the stereotypes by venturing into the realm of politics. She proved it that actors are not only limited to dancing and singing on screens;they too can do service for their country.  One more astonishing fact about her life is that she worked in Mc Donalds before becoming the soap opera queen. Her life is totally worth for a movie adaptation kyunki saas or bahu ab ek politician hai.

Smriti Irani

2. Narendra Modi

This year politics reveled it’s most astonishing facets. Among which  Narendra Modi’s brand is most fascinating. Narendra Modi was once a tea seller. But, with sheer courage and dedication, today,  he achieved what he  always wanted. He became the prime minister of India with a stellar victory. His story is definitely worth sharing on Silverscreen.

Narendra Modi

3. Arushi’s Murder Case

Life is comedy for some and tragedy for some. World is full of tragedies like this one. Arushi murder mystery case is one of the biggest cases in India. Arushi was murdered in 2008, Eight years have passed and still no closure have been provided. With shocking evidences and unbelievable suspects the case becomes a story worth sharing. It should be projected to help people raise voice against such injustice and also lethargy practiced by authorities for taking so long to deliver justice.

Arushi's Murder Case

4. Super 30

When some are busy denying education and some busy complaining , Super 30 is busy providing education and nurturing  the youth of India.  it is an education program that started in Patna, Bihar by Anand Kumar. the program selects 30 meritorious and talented candidates each year from economically backward sections of  society and trains them for the IIT-JEE. Also,  Time Magazine has selected super 30 as one among the best schools of Asia in 2010. The humanitarian work by Anand Kumar is absolutely worth sharing.

Super 30

5. Arvind Kejriwal

He definitely deserves a movie adaptation for his sheer courage to  bring  true democracy in India. His efforts overhauled politics of India. He restored the notion of idealism into politics, something which was lost long ago. Arvind Kejriwal left his reputed career of IAS officer to bring change in India. His story would definitely instill hope and inspiration in people’s mind.

Arvind Kejriwal

6. Flipkart

It is the name that comes to our mind when we talk about E commerce in India. Founded by Iitians Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007 has covered almost all digital space. So far this company has made 5 Acquisitions, latest being Myntra.com. We all appreciated  the movie Steve Jobs, it’s time to appreciate Steve jobs of India.


7. Sachin Tendulkar

After producing many movies in praise of  outstanding victories by various athletes, it time to add Sachin’s name to the list. An immense source of inspiration for many, sachin tendulkar has ruled the arena of cricket not only in India but worldwide. He is adulated in India to the extent of being called as the God of cricket. This man’s hardships and success would positively provide immense inspiration to many.

Sachin Tendulkar