6 Situations Women Who Don’t Like Make Up Encounter

Situations Women Who Don't Like Make Up Encounter

Applying make up is an extremely important part of every woman’s daily routine. If a woman does not apply makeup, she feels that something is missing in her get-up. That’s why make up is sometimes referred to as second skin. But even today, there are a few women who do not like to apply layers of makeup on their face. They are really comfortable with their natural look and like to stay that way no matter what others think or say.

If You Are One Who Does Not Like Applying Makeup Regularly Or Applies Very Less Of It, You Can Very Well Relate To The Following Situations:

Hey. Not Feeling Well?

Although you don’t apply make-up almost daily, there will be still someone who will ask, “ Are you not well today?”. This reaction is mostly received by girls who do not apply kajal in their eyes. It is annoying to re-assure others around that you are really, really, well and no, make-up is not mandatory for you to look or feel well.

Not feeling well

Have Your Parents Or Husband Forbidden You To Wear Makeup?

This is the last question anyone who does not apply makeup would want to hear. People come to their own conclusions like maybe your husband is too possessive for you to allow you to look good, parents are conservative and do not like their kids wearing make up and so on. Do you really require a serious reason for not applying makeup? Can’t you avoid makeup because you don’t like it????

wear makeup

You Don’t Know How Gorgeous You Will Look If You Give A Try.

You come across women who consider themselves as leads when it comes to beauty and makeup. Although they know that you are not interested, they won’t seize sharing their golden knowledge and opinions about wearing makeup. They will tell you how makeup enhances ones natural features and also explain that you are going to look really gorgeous if you put on some makeup!


You Should Learn To Carry Yourself Better….

This is one advice that most girls who don’t use makeup receive. There was a time when carrying yourself well meant being well dressed and looking neat and clean. Nowadays, carrying yourself well not only means well dressed but also a special makeup style that compliments office attires for women. If you check you tube, you will find a plethora of videos which includes a special category of makeup called office makeup.

carry yourself better

At Least Wear Some Makeup To Look Good For Others!!!

A woman may choose to or not choose to wear make up to look good for herself. It is not necessary that one has to look good for impressing others. More than what we ourselves feel, most of us today are concerned about how to we appear to others. And if you are comfortable without makeup, why is the world so concerned?

wear some makeup

I Can’t Even Imagine Myself Without Makeup

You find some people so addicted to make up that they may not be able to step out of the house without makeup. They may once in a while forget to get their wallet, but their make up kit will be a must that they will carry in their purse or bag.

I can’t even imagine

They keep on telling others how important makeup is for them. And yes, the following question will be “How do you manage without makeup?”