6 Must Try Bengali Vegetarian Dishes

Must Try Bengali Vegetarian Dishes

Fish is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Bengali food. However it is surprising to know that Bengalis equally love their delectable vegetarian traditional cuisines. These vegetarian recipes are a treat for someone who would like to savour a traditional Bengali flavour.

Aloo Posto

Aloo posto is a common vegetarian dish prepared at every Bengali home. Here the potatoes are deep fried in mustard oil and then mixed with finely blended poppy seeds. You are sure to keep licking your fingers if you ever try this authentic Bengali vegetarian cuisine

Aloo posto

Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is another favourite among Bengali vegetarian food lovers. It is a simple recipe where baby potatoes are fried and then mixed in an onion tomato paste. The gravy is thick and a bit spicy. It goes well with all kinds of Indian breads. Bengalis usually prefer to have dum aloo for breakfast

Dum aloo


Luchis are flat breads made up of all-purpose flour and deep fried in ghee or oil. These are a favourite among Bengalis and can be eaten with some spicy vegetable preparation.


Rice Pudding Made Of Patali Gur

Bengalis love sweets as much as they love their fish. A traditional Bengali home will serve you a different variety of rice pudding where the rice has been cooked in milk for hours and then mixed with patali gur which is a dark form of jaggery to make a delicious desert

Rice pudding

Bengali Khichdi

The Bengali khichdi is a must try pure vegetarian Bengali cuisine. Made of moong dal it is a wholesome meal full of fresh vegetables. During Durga puja the Bengali khichdi is offered to God and then served to devotees as a prasad. Even though this khichdi does not have any onion, ginger or garlic added to its preparation, it is still one of the most delicious forms of khichdi.

Bengali khichdi

Baigan Bhaja

Baigan bhaja is a typical Bengali vegetarian dish which is a side dish to rice and lentils in Bengali homes. It is a simple recipe in which an eggplant is cut into thin round slices and shallow fried in a pan. It is then tossed with a mixture of salt and red chilli powder and garnished with coriander.

Baigan bhaja

So next time when you would like to try an authentic Bengali platter then think beyond the patent non veg cuisines an try their vegetarian delicacies. You are sure to appreciate these pure vegetrian preparations and would want to savour them over and over again