6 Immortal Lines Or Verbal Expressions From Great Characters Of Hollywood

Lines Or Expressions From Great Characters

Though there is plenty of means of entertainment today still popularity of cinema or movies is not showing any sign to die down. Movies which have become colossal hits in the history of cinema or excellently written are seen to have lines or dialogues spoken by the characters which have become immortal. Fans or movie loving people are seen to utter those lines in situations other than related to movie also.

Here Are 6 Such Lines Or Verbal Expressions From Hollywood Films Or Characters:

What’s Up Doc?

What’s up Doc? is a famous hit Hollywood comedy film directed by Peter Bogdanovich that was released in the year 1972. Though the film was a hit at that time but the title has become immortal because of the great animation character Bugs Bunny of Merry Melodies Show and Lunny Tunes. The carrot chewing mischievous and resourceful as well as playful rabbit used to utter the same line whenever he made an appearance in any of the animation films made by Warner Bros.

What's up Doc

I’ll Be Back!

Since its use in the blockbuster sequel of all time Terminator 2. Judgement Day, in almost every other actions movies characters are seen to utter this line if situation allows. In the original film the image of shotgun wielding Arnold Schwarzenegger as terminator or protector of John Connor uttering this line with thunderous score by late James Horner in the sound track really made an impact. It still have the same punch even today.

I'll be Back

Frankly My Dear, I Do Not Give A Damn!

The most famous line uttered by a character from a romantic film. When Rhett Butler finally realized that all these year of love expressed by him for Scarlett had gone futile, for Scarlett only meant business, he was ready to leave her. Despite Scarlett’s last minute confession of love for him, Rhett left her by saying this immortal line in Gone with the Wind.

Frankly my dear, I do not give a damn

My Name Is Bond, James Bond!

The most famous line from the most macho character and favorite spy of the world. Many famous actors had portrayed the character of James Bond since his first appearance in Dr. No. Faces have changed, but the line is not. No matter how complex or newly built the story line is, it is a kind of norm that Bond should at least utter this line once in the whole movie. Without this line a Bond movie is almost nothing.

My name is Bond, James Bond

I Am The king Of The World!

If Rhett Butler’s line from Gone with the Wind is the best verbal expression in the history of romantic films, then the only line that can rival it is of course ‘I am the king of the world’ uttered in the film Titanic by character Jack Dawson. Dawson uttered this loudly while standing on the hull of the ship stretching his hands like he was flying in the wind. The line with the image made tremendous impact at the time the movie was released. It still jolts.

I am the king of the world

The Greatest Trick Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World That He Didot Exist……

The most spine chilling line uttered by a seemingly harmless crippled fellow Verbal Klint in the movie The Usual Suspect directed by Bryan Singer. Verbal Klint later turned out to be the villain of the piece police was looking for. The final scene of the movie or the scene in which actor Kevin Spacey uttered this dialogue made a sensation at the moment the film was released. If watched now the line offers same spine tingling sensation to a viewer.

The greatest trick devil

So you want to know about some icon verbal expressions given by great Hollywood characters. Here is the list.