6 Funny Things Guys Do To Impress Girls

Funny Things Guys Do

There are so many ways to impress a girl and guys go to any extent for attaining it. Well that is because they sure want to date that hot girl and have a meaningful relationship with her. But the first few impressions sure matter and they want to do everything right. Well in the process, they sure goof up a few things. Some girls find it funny and cute, but some may just be appalled. But nevertheless, boys will be boys-

1. Tries to Show Off Wallet

As long as it loaded, he wills surely try to create an impression here. No guy wants his date to think that he is not doing well. So even though he may have ordered the best champagne and expensive prawns, he will accidentally show you his wallet with honest intentions.

Show Off Wallet

2. Say Cheesy Lines (With Actions)

And yes they will say the cheesiest kinds of lines that the girl may be really sick off. But that’s not enough, it comes with actions like giving a sponge heart or a heart-shaped balloon!

Say Cheesy Lines

3. Pretend To Go To Gym

If the girl is living nearby or in the same building, then they will also try to pretend that he is going to the gym while he may be sitting in the neighbourhood coffee shop eating muffins and full-fat coffee.

Pretend To Go To Gym

4. Shows Off Biceps

And for some of the guys who are really going to the gym, they will make sure that their well toned muscles are revealed under the tightest of t-shirts to create a good impression.

Shows Off Biceps

5. Shows off Stunts

Yeah so he can ride the bicycle backwards and forward but that is not it! He will try to impress doing some great stunts that could well take him to the hospital.

Shows off Stunts

6. Borrows His Friends Guitar

He has no idea what type of guitar that is, but when he wants to impress he will surely borrow one from his friend. Of course, this one only lasts till the girl asks him to play! And if you are lucky she will find this cute that you are trying to impress her.

Borrows His Friends Guitar