6 Different Ways For A Woman To Save Herself From The Attack Of Miscreants

Different Ways For A Woman To Save Herself

Modern day society is facing many problems which include increasing number of sexual violence on women. Today women are going out of their home for job which enables them to become target of perpetrators who commit sex crimes against women very easily. Almost every country in the world be it developed or developing is facing this problem. Here are 6 different and simple ways or things that a woman can maintain or carry out to combat a miscreant or attacker while she is out.

A Woman Must Not Forget To Carry A Cell Phone With Her

A woman must keep a cell phone with her always. She also has to keep or remember the emergency police no with her. So that whenever she suspects  that such an unpleasant incident could take place she at once should dial the no for police to intervene.

Cell Phone

A Woman Can Carry A Papper Spray

In developed countries or in urban areas a pepper spray is one of the most useful self defense weapons that a woman can carry with her. The spray is very easy to carry in hand bag. Whenever a woman suspects that something is going to happen, she should take the spray in the hands and be ready. As soon as the weirdo approaches her all she has to do is to spray it directly into his eyes.

Papper Spray

A Woman Can Carry A Concealed Weapon Like Folded Knife

Very small weapons like folded knife which can be concealed in unlikely places can come handy in unpleasant situation. All a woman has to do is to bring it out and push it or drive it into the body of the attacker so he has to let her go.

Folded Knife

A Woman Could Learn Self Defense Fighting Art Like Karate Or Krav-maga

In developing nations now a day the learning of self defense fighting arts like Karate or Krav-Maga has become very popular among women. Incidents like eve teasers and sex attackers getting punished by women with such self defense art have started to give hope among women living in developing countries.

Karate Or Krav Maga

A Woman Can Use Rechargeable Immobilizer Or Stun Gun Cell Phone

In developed countries rechargeable immobilizer or stun gun in the form of regular cell phone is available as self defense weapon. A very handy equipment. All a woman has to do is to on it properly and utilize at the time of need.

Stun Gun Cell Phone

Scream Could Be A Solution For A Woman

This is not a joke. Her voice is an asset that a woman is carrying with her. All she has to do is to scream with her lungs out and summon other people who can help in such situation.


So you want to know about some simple self defense ways that a woman can have when she is out. Kindly go through the list given here.