These 5 Types Of People On WhatsApp Are Who Make Our Chatting Experience Hell

cIf your smartphone doesn’t have this app, it’s of no use. Because this app is so useful and free that anyone can connect with their friends without logging in. It is the most downloaded app and recently acquired by Facebook. You only need to have your friend’s number and if he is using this app, you will be connected to him with just a message saying ‘hi’. This app is ‘Whatsapp’. With growing popularity of this app, it became a necessity of every smartphone user. Without this app, the smartphone loses its significance and has no meaning. The simplicity of this app makes it user friendly and everyone uses it for their ease, to connect with friends, for business purpose and many other uses.

With growing features of chat, voice messages, videos and emojis, it is widely used all over the world. As it is regarding connecting people, there will be annoying people who are addicted to this app and can’t wait to show the world their love for it. In this video, 5 types of people have mentioned who make our experience of using this app annoying. Those 5 types are stalker who messages for no reason and wants to who is where, emoji lover who talks in terms of emojies, the creeps who take number from different sources and annoys with requests of being friends, chain messenger who copies messages to all and groupies who are always active on groups and create new groups. Watch this video to know these people make your experience hell.