5 Thoughts That Come In A Students Mind Before Going Abroad To Study

A Students Mind Before Going Abroad To Study

Going abroad to study opens the door to a world of opportunities. You get a global perspective and also interact with students from various countries. But a student going abroad to study for the first time can have many thoughts going around in his mind.

Facing A Completely New World

After a student clears his exam, be it GMAT or GRE, and on getting the scholarship from the college the thought that comes to his mind is how smooth the overall transition process will be. From getting a visa to immigration to stepping into a foreign country for the first time can be a bit scary at first. Also if you have no known family or friends in the foreign country you may be concerned about getting a good accommodation and being able to adjust in a completely new environment.

Completely New World

Mixing In A Different Culture

Going to a foreign land means getting to know a culture totally different from your own. Students definitely think about how well they will be welcomed in a different country. Being accepted by foreign friends who are traditionally and culturally different from your lifestyle sometimes does creep into your minds. However you tend to meet people from such vast backgrounds and some even from your home country that gelling up with people and making new friends become very easy

Different Culture

Missing Family Back Home

A ticket to a foreign land for higher studies also means that you will have to wait for almost a year to come back to your country and to your loved ones. Leaving friends n family behind and staying away from them for so long can be a bit disheartening. Students do think about how they will manage staying away from family for so long.

Missing Family

A Bright Future

The thought of studying abroad from a reputed institute also brings to mind the great job offers that are awaiting you along with a hefty pay package. Every student thinks about the companies that they will have an option to interview with after completing the course.

A Bright Future


Going abroad to study also calls for a lot of shopping. From clothes to footwear to the basic necessities that they would require when they land in a foreign land, students think over this list to carry with them abroad so it helps them settle easily.


Studying abroad can be great fun and also gives you a very high exposure to the global job market scenario. These thoughts creep into your minds the first time you are about to step in a new country. However as time passes you easily mingle up in the new culture and become a part of the country.