5 Things That Will Show That It Is So Difficult To Understand Boys

Things That Will Show That It Is So Difficult To Understand Boys

Men say, it is impossible to understand women and the women folks say the same thing all over! Why? Due to the fact that there are things women would just never understand about boys. Check the points out for further clarification!

Why Men Shy Off From Asking For Directions When They Are Actually Lost!!

This question has been a matter of concern for every woman in the world! The question of why men do not ask others direction when they are completely lost! Even Christopher Columbus when he set out to find India and found America lost his way in the sea, sad, but the case is not that worse for the guys! They set out for some location and reach completely some other! No one knows why they cannot stop a vehicle and ask for directions or better enough use a GPS! No clue!

actually lost

The Never Ending Discussions Relating To Poop, Toilet And Fart Humors Go On Forever!

Guys can sometimes be ridiculous when they start off their humorous discussions in relation to subjects like pooping, farting and other toilet humor! Just when a woman starts off taking about her periods, they flee like they are aiming to reach Antarctica, why?

never ending discussions

The Kind Of Hours That A Guy Takes In While At The Bathroom!

With no such large strands of hair and nothing extra than the women folk in terms of the “nature’s calls”, women seem to be wondering what they do inside for so very long! However, the explanation of taking so long inside the washroom still remains a mystery perhaps some man will unveil someday, hopefully!


The Constant Need To Remind The Guys About The Correct Place Of The Toilet Seat!

This one is another very important aspect which women truly have failed to understand in men! It is their habit of forgetting to keep the toilet seat in place after pulling it up!! They seem to have a loss of memory momentarily in this case!

correct place of the toilet seat

How Strangely Any Change In The Outlook Does Not Knock A Bell With Men!

In cases when a woman changes her hairstyle, colors her hair, wears a new shoe or anything for that matter, no guy in the world would ever notice the reason of the change or better not even understand if any change has taken place in the first place! If a person cannot react with seeing a shorter hair than it was yesterday, there is some definite problem they are facing! God knows!

does not knock a bell