5 Interesting Facts About NASA’s Newly Discovered Earth’s Twin-Earth 2.0

Interesting Facts About NASA’s Newly Discovered Earth’s Twin-Earth 2.0

The astronauts have been in a wild rush searching the space for an earth like planet for a very long time. They have launched satellites and had numerous space missions to discover a planet which is earth like and also habitable.

It was after years of research and study that the astronauts from NASA have actually been able to spot a planet, far away in space, which matches our earth in quite a few ways. Kepler 452b, also known as Earth 2.0, is the recent find of an Earth like planet in our galaxy

The Revolution Period Of Earth 2.0 Is Almost Similar To Earth

The revolution period of our Earth around the sun is 365 days. This is the number of days that forms a year. Earth 2.0 takes 385 days which is almost similar to our Earth to orbit around its star. The other planets in our solar system have years as low as 88 days to as high as 185 earth years. Thus the weather conditions of this planet should be almost the same as that experienced on earth.

The revolution period of Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 Has A Similar Surface As That Of Earth

Earth 2.0 has the same topography as Earth. Astronauts have discovered that Kepler452b is rocky as Earth and is covered with mountains just like earth. It has volcanoes and an atmosphere which has a thicker cloud than Earth.

Earth 2.0 has a similar surface as that of Earth

Earth 2.0 Is The Future Of Earth

Kepler 452b or Earth 2.0 is 5 times heavier than Earth. It is 1.5 bn years older and gives a rough indication of how our earth may become when it reaches this age. The gravity of this planet is twice as much as Earth. The planet is situated 1400 light years away from Earth.

Earth 2.0 is the future of Earth

There Is Scope Of Survival On Earth 2.0

The planet, Earth 2.0 may be habitable as there is a possibility that the star around which it revolves gives it the energy to produce water. However that is possible only if all the other conditions of survival are met.

There is scope of survival on Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 And Its Star Is Older Than Earth

Kepler 452b is receiving 10% more energy than the Earth. Since the star that this planet revolves around older it radiates more light. This has led to Earth 2.0 receiving more than 10% energy that is received by Earth.

Earth 2.0 and its star is older than Earth

It is interesting to know that there is another planet orbiting somewhere in the universe which is earths twin.