40 Things To Do Before You Die

40 Things To Do Before You Die

Life is too short to play safe. Take the plunge and do stuff that you will remember all your life. You might want to try these things before bidding adieu to the world:

1. Go Skydiving

Things To Do1

2. Go Skinny Dipping At Night

Things To Do2

3. Get A Tattoo

Things To Do3

4. Make Love In Public

Things To Do4

5. Attend A Major Sporting Event Like The Olympics

Things To Do5

6. Fall In Love Hopelessly

Things To Do6

7. Streak In Public In Broad Daylight

Things To Do7

8. Visit A Strip Bar

Things To Do8

9. Gulp Down A Few Beers At Oktoberfest

Things To Do9

10. Sing Karaoke

Things To Do10

11. Forgive Those Who Wrong You

Things To Do11

12. Kiss Someone When Drunk

Things To Do12

13. Fart In Public

Things To Do13

14. Trace Your Family Tree

Things To Do14

15. Go Bungee Jumping

Things To Do15

16. Stay Up All Night And Then Go To Work Without Sleep

Things To Do16

17. Eat As Much Junk Food As You Want For A Day

Things To Do17

18. Backpack Through Europe

Things To Do18

19. Stand For A Cause

Things To Do19

20. Learn A Foreign Language

Things To Do20

21. Stay In A Haunted House

Things To Do21

22. Make A Fool Of Yourself In Public

Things To Do22

23. Overcome Your Worst Fear

Things To Do 23

24. Gamble Your Money Away In Las Vegas

Things To Do24

25. Attend A Rock Concert

Things To Do25

26. Go On A Dangerous Rollercoaster Ride

Things To Do26

27. Buy An Expensive Suit

Things To Do27

28. Swim With The Sharks – Literally

Things To Do28

29. Befriend A Stranger On A Train

Things To Do30

30. Have A Bath On The Road

Things To Do29

31. Go River Rafting In Turbulent Waters

Things To Do31

32. Take Part In A Marathon

Things To Do32

33. Stand Up Against A Bully

Things To Do33

34. Date Three People At A Time

Things To Do34

35. Go On A Pilgrimage

Things To Do35

36. Enroll For A Bartending Gig

Things To Do36

37. Star As An Extra In A Local/International Film

Things To Do37

38. Grow A Beard

Things To Do38

39. Go On A Rant

Things To Do39

40. Throw A Massive Party For Your Friends Even If You End Up Broke For The Rest Of The Month

Things To Do40

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