19 Things Famous About Punjabis

Things Famous About Punjabis

Hailing from the Northern region of India and Pakistan, the Punjabis are a group of people famous world-over for their culture, nature and food. They are the stuff that legends are made of- from warriors to comedians this is one community that has much to be proud of. Here are 19 things famous about Punjabis that you knew, but didn’t KNOW!

1. Size Does Matter

The famous Patiala Peg that has been making its appearance in Bollywood songs and pubs everywhere originated in Punjab.

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2. Hair Today, Still There Tomorrow!

The Punjabi men are easily identifiable by their hairiness.

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3. Spice Of Life

If there is one thing that is distinctive about Punjabi cuisine is the spiciness. The Punjabi food is completely representative of the Punjabi attitude – take it or leave it!

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4. What’s In A Name?

Just going by their name you can never make out their gender! Remember the Punjabi family in the Khichdi movie? Everyone was named Parminder!

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5. Umm…What’s In A Nickname…?

If the names are not confusing enough, check out the nicknames!

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6. A Happy Meal

Famous for their Butter Chicken, for a Punjabi, a meal can never feel truly complete without it.

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7. Wahe Guruji Da Khalsa…

The Punjabis are a brave warrior community that has participated whole-heartedly in national armed forces and the likes.

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8. Bolo Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra

Punjabis are a happy-go-lucky people who can break out into a Bhangra anywhere! The famous “Balle Balle” is the war-cry before the outburst that is used to celebrate anything – the birth of a child, best friend’s wedding or even a cricket victory!

Bolo Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra

9. To Keep Or Not To Keep!

Usually Punjabis are associated with long beards that are styled, wrapped in a cloth or left to grow as it wishes.

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10. Elvis Has Left The Building

One thing that you definitely cannot miss about them is their volume (literally). Punjabis are a loud and boisterous lot who never fail to make their presence felt.

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11. BC, I Love You Too!

Though often it is wrongly judged as being harsh, the Punjabi language is actually very affectionate. It is only when the affection becomes “overwhelming” that the abuses come out. In fact, the more intimate the relation, the more expressive the abuse!

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12. When Midnight Strikes

Punjabis have been the butt of jokes since very long, especially when the clock strikes twelve.

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13. Muse For Munnabhai

The “Jaadu ki Jhappi” of Punjabis is actually a magical cure for all stress, worries and body pains!

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14. Bollywood Style Romantic Fasting

Remember the scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge where Kajol sees her beloved’s face through the sieve before breaking her fast? Yes, Punjabi custom!

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15. The 3G Connection

Punjabis have been blessed thrice with generosity – Generous Hearts, Generous Appetites and Generous Sizes!

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16. I’m Sexy And I Know It!

The Punjabi sense of fashion defines the way they live their lives – king size. It’s all about making your presence felt – from the stunning turbans to loud printed shirts!

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17. Express Yourself, Don’t Depress Yourself!

Traditionally, Punjabis have to keep long hair, tied up in a turban. They have turned this to their advantage too by making it a fashion statement.

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18. Pun-glish (Pun Intended)?

The Punjabi version of English has to be one of the most amusing forms of the language.

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19. Oops I Did It Again!

The Punjabi cuisine is such a rich one that the side effects are inevitable!

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