16 Measures For Dealing With Child Abuse As A Parent

Child Abuse As A Parent

Sometimes even the most caring parents fail to address the issue of child sexuality, which leads to child abuse. Not telling the child things related to sexuality and careless observance may throw your child into a world of endless trauma. You are with your child only when he/she is at home. The child visits several places and meets many individuals and an improper sexual behaviour can emerge out of anywhere.

There are some advices that you can provide your child at the beginning of his/her childhood years (for example when he/she starts going to school) that can save the child from such heinous crime which is not very uncommon and often goes unnoticed. Studies show that every 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 6 boys experience some kind of child sexuality abuse during early years of their childhood and life. Here Are Some Measures Through Which You Can Prevent Your Child From Suffering Sexual Abuse

Be More Involved In Your Child’s Life

If you do not give attention to your child he/she may get depressed and may be cajoled easily by others in a wrong behavior and tasks including sexual behavior/sexual abuse. Show more interest in the daily activities of your child. Be more available to the child so that he/she thinks that you are his/her friend.

Your Child’s Life

Do Not Crush The Inquisitiveness Of Child’s Mind

Let your child speak freely on everything he/she wants to. Give the child chance to inquire about new areas and raise new and untouched topics. Make your child more creative so that he/she stays away from negative thoughts and does not falls in trap of unethical people who commit the heinous acts of sexual abuse.

Child’s Mind

Do Not Undress In Front Of The Child

Children learn a lot from their parents and teachers. If you undress in front of them they would learn that it is not improper to undress in front of other individuals. The behavior may have disastrous consequences.

Do Not Undress

Advice Your Child Against Getting Intimate Or To Sit On Thigh Lap Of Known Or Un-known Persons

Children often mix with others (even unknown people) quite easily as they do not know the repercussions. The behavior can be cause of sexual abuse as some individuals may take advantage of the innocence of children. Warn your child so that he/she never sits of the lap on any known or unknown person or gets intimate with them in secluded or overt way. Practice the habit at home as well.

See What Games Your Child Plays

Careful observation has many benefits. You can observe the games that your child plays with his/her friends to know whether there is some sexual behavior occurring or not. Otherwise you would be clue less.

Games Your Child Plays

Do Not Allow Other To Call Your Child By Other Names Such As My Husband Or My Wife

Improper name calling creates doubts in the mind of children. If someone addresses them by my-husband or my-wife name then the child may feel that he/she is over-mature and may indulge in sexual behavior. It is even better to have some other joyful name for calling the kid.

Call Your Child By Other Names

Review The Literature Your Child Is Reading/Studying

Today many children probe deeper into sexuality from earlier age. Search the room of your child when he/she is not at home and also look for pornographic or sexually related books and material in his/her school bag and other places. If you find such materials then you need to carefully and gently tell your child about the negative aspects of these things so that he/she does not indulges in sexual behavior before attaining the right age or getting married.

Review The Literature

Employ Controls On The Television Satellite Channels

Children are very inquisitive and enthusiastic about all aspects of life including sexuality. They like to know more about the things and behaviors that are new to them. They would search endless number of satellite channels on television and search for things that seem amazing and new to them. Hence it is better to employ parental controls on the satellite television channels so that your child could not see the adult videos, moves and serials. Confine the child’s television viewing to cartoons and other related child stuff and also see to it that your does not watches television for long hours as it has a bad effect on eyes .

Television Satellite Channels

Tell Your Child About The Diseases Related To Sexuality

You must tell your child about the diseases related to sexuality behavior. Some of these include AIDS, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis etc. Detail the child completely so that he/she knows about the deadly and fatal aspects of these diseases (such as AIDS). Tell your child not to touch the sensitive sexual organs of any person.

Tell Your Child

Teach Your Child About Sexual Behavior

It is better to teach your child about sexual organs, sexual behavior and other aspects of sexuality as soon as he/she is grown enough and can talk and understand. The more your delay it, the more the risks of sexual-abuse increase manifolds.

Sexual Behavior

Look For Withdrawal And Depression Symptoms In Your Child

If your child shows certain withdrawal symptoms and refrains from certain daily tasks then he/she might be certain trauma which may be sexual in nature as well. Probe the matter further and ask your child questions that relate to his/her outer visits, schooling, playgroup etc. Be very gentle and polite and caring while asking these questions in a way so that your child confides in you fully and trusts you to provide a solution to the problem.

Depression Symptoms

Forbid The Child To Meet Any Individuals He/she Is Uncomfortable With

There are instances of sexual abuse, over intimacy or other kind of behaviors and issues that the child experiences when he /she visits some people. The child hence feels uncomfortable in the company of such people. Do not allow your child to visit these people further. You can know about these people by having a private conversation with your child.

Forbid The Child

Preserve The Sanity Of Your Child’s Innocent And Inquisitive Brain

Do not allow your child to meet people who have a bad reputation. Do not allow him to play such music, read such literature and watch such videos that make him/her go insane. Allow for soothing and light music that is pleasant to the ears, child movies and healthy literature like encyclopaedia etc which will keep your child busy in his/her free time and help the child gain more knowledge.

Inquisitive Brain

Take Your Child’s Complaints Seriously

If your child complains about a wrong kind of behavior that has been done by a particular person, take it seriously. You have also got the legal course of action option. Do not let the issue forgo as it may have repercussions later.

Child’s Complaints

Chose The Caregivers You Employ Carefully

Screen the caregivers including the child’s school, his/her babysitter and other areas and individually carefully. Ask the community members about the reputation of these caregivers before choosing them.