15 Problems Only Guys With A Female Best Friend Will Understand

Problems Only Guys With A Female Best Friend Will Understand

In today’s time everyone has mixed friend circle, i.e. both guys and girls are a part of the social
gathering. This is very different from the orthodox segregated social circles that people used to have. Of
course with this new setting there arises a new problem. If you are a guy with a female best friend then
here are 15 problems that you may be facing.

1. Are You Dating?

The biggest problem is that just because you are of opposite sex and opposites are supposed to
attract, people make a big deal out of your friendship. Everyone thinks you are a couple. This might
leave you single yet unavailable to all those eligible girls you have been eyeing.

Are You Dating

2. The Character Assassination

Though people have started accepting mixed social circles, when it comes to a girl having a close guy
friend there is always a finger pointed at her morals. Apparently you cannot just be friends.

The Character Assassination

3. Anger Management Course

Of course as her best friend you will not be able to tolerate any loose talks regarding your best
friend, and being the guy you are expected to make a stand. This might lead you to enroll yourself in
anger management classes.

Anger Management Course

4. The Green-Eyed Monster

While he is ok with the two of you being friends, your best friend’s boyfriend/husband looks at you
suspiciously every time you make an appearance. This awkwardness can be the bane to your

The Green-Eyed Monster

5. The Matchmaker

If your best friend happens to be an extremely good looking girl, chances are that all your male bros
will want you to help them hook up with her.

The Matchmaker

6. Friends By Choice?

The worst possible reply a girl can give to a guy’s proposal is that “I like you as a friend”. However, it
can be exactly the reply you want to hear if all you want to be is friends with her.

Friends By Choice

7. The Uncrushable

Just because you are friends with a really good looking girl, other chicas may think you safe and
friend material kinda guy. This can be a deadly blow not only to your self esteem but also your
dating scenario.

The Uncrushable

8. Are You Gay?

So you are friends with a hot girl and you don’t have any un-friend like feelings for her, it
automatically makes you gay to everyone else. WTF!

Are You Gay

9. The Guardian

While you signed up for the friendship program, being best friends with a girl means that you have
to look out for her as well. This may have you constantly play dad in her life, which can not only lead to altercations between the two of you but also screw up your love life.

The Guardian

10. The Three Dreaded Words

Those three little words can be the death nail to your friendship if either of you develop feelings for
the other and it is not mutual.

Three Dreaded Words

11. A Fine Balance

With you being the perfect male model in her life, chances are that you will be used as a basis for comparing all her beaus. So you know you will not be Mr Popular with those guys ever!

A Fine Balance

12. Too Much Information

Being friends with a girl makes you privy to a whole lot of information about women that you were
better off unaware! But there is no way you can un-hear the things that you have been told.

Too Much Information

13. The Other Woman

You can never give importance to another girl while you have given your heart to one. Your
girlfriend will not tolerate being no. 2 on your list.

The Other Woman

14. The Honest Opinion

While your male bro may spare you the gory details while telling you why your date didn’t go as
planned, your female bro will not be so sensitive. She will assume that just because you are open to
answers you really want the truth and nothing but the truth.

The Honest Opinion

15. The Running Commentary

You cannot watch a single movie without hearing her comment on every scene. So you know all the
side effects of being with a girl without even having to date her!

The Running Commentary