15 Annoying Things You Should Stop Doing After You Are 20

Annoying Things You Should Stop Doing After You Are 20

Turning twenty can be a life-changer as the carefree days of youth are slowly taken over by maturity and responsibility. It is the phase in life that people try out all wild things possible before settling down to take responsibility of their life. Still there are some people who carry on behaving as if they are still teenagers. Here are 15 of the most annoying things that people who are no longer teenagers should stop doing ASAP!

1. Let Me Take A Selfie

Gone are the days when it was still considered cute if you took like 30 selfies to get the perfect one. If you are on the other side of 20 and still doing this, consult your psychologist – you might have a Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Let Me Take A Selfie

2. Show Me The Money

The carefree days of youth were not spent obsessing about earnings. They were spent fantasizing about spending! But if you are a 20-something, such a behavior is plain reckless and immature.

Show Me The Money

3. Sound Of Music

It may sound judgemental (pun intended), but there is a huge difference between what the teens consider music, and what music really is. So if you are out of that age zone, get out of that sound zone right now! Yo Yo Honey Singh is not the heights of great music!

Sound Of Music

4. Popularity Quotient

You do know that it is silly to judge your popularity just by the number of likes you get on Facebook right? Once you are out of the education system it doesn’t matter how many likes you get online. What matters is that you are liked offline.

Popularity Quotient

5. Moves Like Jagger

Once you are in your twenties it is not enough that you can talk the moves, it is also important that you walk the moves too. Being cool is no longer enough to get you what you wanted.

Moves Like Jagger

6. You Only Live Once

We have only shot at this life and must make the best of it. Time wasted is time gone. So if you have hit your twenties then that’s two decades already wasted – better get cracking!

You Only Live Once

7. It’s My Life – Online

With the teens getting more and more active on social networking sites it is no wonder that many live a more real life online than offline. But if you are 20 then you know that it is time to disconnect virtual life and re-connect real life.

It’s My Life – Online

8. The Kid Inside

If you are still sitting and playing video games instead of getting out there job-hunting, you know you are in some serious trouble here. It goes with the carefree image of youth but when you are 20 it shows you are a kid refusing to grow up!

The Kid Inside

9. Matters Of The Heart

It is no longer ok to date and fall in love very frequently with no mention of commitments. Now that you are 20 something, people are out there looking for stability and commitment. If that’s not your game then don’t hurt yourself and others.

Matters Of The Heart

10. The Procrastinator

It is time to stop leaving everything to the absolute last minute. Though excusable before, now it just shows that you are too careless.

The Procrastinator

11. The Blame Game

Blaming others for your mistakes is something that was allowed when people thought you to be immature and a kid. But now that you are older learn to shoulder your responsibilities unless you want to be tagged Mr Unpopular.

The Blame Game

12. Calling In Sick

If you want to make money, you have to show up to work. Calling in too many sick days can get you fired.

Calling In Sick

13. Not My Cup Of Tea

Life is all about trying, and if you fail then trying again. Now that you are older you should not make lame excuses and not even try.

Not My Cup Of Tea

14. Living The Moment

It is high time that you start planning for the future and where you plan to be five or ten years down the line. The “live in the moment” philosophy can be quite annoying if you don’t know where you are headed.

Living The Moment

15. The Parent Trap

Now that you are older, you should learn to rely upon yourself rather than your parents to bail you out of tight spots.

The Parent Trap