14 Ways To Live Luxuriously Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Ways To Live Luxuriously Without Spending A Lot Of Money

One of the best ads released by MasterCard had the tagline that there are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else there is Master Card. Here are 14 ways in which you can live luxuriously without it having a huge impact on your pocket.

1. Weekend Getaways

If your budget doesn’t allow a long and expensive holiday at the moment, space out a few weekend getaways once in a while to de-stress.

Weekend Getaways

2. Silent Retreat

In case you need to take some time out to be by yourself, you don’t need to go to a silent retreat. You can get out on an adventure to explore the city you live in by yourself!

Silent Retreat

3. Childhood Faves

There is nothing more delicious than the childhood treats we all relished. Save up on expenses by treating yourself to your childhood faves instead of an expensive lunch out.

Childhood Faves

4. Sister To The Real Thing

It is true that the products offered by the luxury brands can make you drool. Luckily, there are many vendors selling imitations of the real thing at dirt cheap prices.

Sister To The Real Thing

5. Tech Substitutes

While carrying an Apple might be more impressive, there are many international and domestic brands that are giving better value for money with additional features as well.

Tech Substitutes

6. Vroom Vroom

You cannot really feel luxurious while travelling in public transport. But the real question when buying a car is whether you want to give weightage to comfort and facility or just the logo?

Vroom Vroom

7. Making Space

When investing in a house you need to weigh posh locality vs. size since you cannot get both to fit within your budget.

Making Space

8. Spa Treatment

If you have wanted to give yourself a spa treatment but do not think it will fit in your budget there’s news for you. There are several home remedies that are natural, cheap and extremely effective in giving you a spa-like feel in the comforts of your house!

Spa Treatment

9. Ghar Ka Khana

It may come as a surprise to you but the home cooked food of your wife/mom is actually tastier, healthier and definitely cheaper than the restaurant offerings. Not only that – it is eat all you want!

Ghar Ka Khana

10. Say It With Flowers

You can wow your gf with flowers but if you are tight on your budget choose tropical leaves instead of the typical orchids and lilies. They have a similar arrangement style, look gorgeous and cost about a third of the ones you would have bought.

Say It With Flowers

11. Online Deals

There is one great way of buying the clothes or accessories you want but at a discounted rate – online shopping. There are many websites offering fantastic products at affordable prices.

Online Deals

12. Bulk Up

When out shopping for food and drinks for the party you’re throwing, instead of going to retail outlets or supermarkets try wholesalers. You will get discounts that you just can’t believe!

Bulk Up

13. Light Up Your Life

Nothing can spell luxurious living than mood lighting at home. Highlight your special furniture or paintings at home using special light fixtures which give soft light rather than the harsh white of tube lights or ceiling lights.

Light Up Your Life

14. Right Time To Visit

You can visit the same luxurious destinations that you want to and still not crossing your budget by going there during the off-seasons! The best flights and hotel will be available at pittance.

Right Time To Visit