14 Types of Unique Students We Find in Indian Schools

Types of Unique Students We Find in Indian Schools

The crowd that you find in Indian schools can be quite an interesting case study for those interested in anthropology. They are young, vibrant and unique in their characteristics.

1. Know It All

They know all the answers to all the questions the teachers may ask. They also know stuff which teachers may feel flustered for not knowing the answer to.

Know It All

2. Teachers Pet

There will always be that one student in every class who is thoroughly hated for being the Teacher’s pet and snagging on all the classmates.

Teachers Pet

3. Trend-Setter

Those who have seen the Student of the Year movie will understand that it is not about what you wear, it is about how you wear. There will be those who set trends on how to wear the school uniform!


4. Curious Is My Middle Name

Arm raised and locked in upright position to always ask a question, this one doesn’t know that curiosity killed the cat!

Curious Is My Middle Name

5. Back Benchers

Usually there interest in the subject matter being taught in class is inversely proportionate to the distance from the board. The farther behind they sit, the less interested they are in the class!

Back Benchers

6. Starving Foodies

They finish their tiffin in the first period and then come lunch time, they’ll start fighting you for yours.

Starving Foodies

7. Confused

They are the ones who are confused about everything, but never ask any questions. Why? Maybe because they are too confused about what to ask and what not.


8. Bullies

Traditionally the bullies are the academically challenged students of the class. Blessed with more brawn than brain, they try to gain superiority over others to prove that they are still the hero of the class despite the red marks on the report card.


9. Try Try Try Again

There are some who think believe in understanding everything completely before graduating from that class. Of course, the choice to graduate or not is not theirs!

Try Try Try Again

10. Borrowers

These people are stuck in the vicious cycle of forgetting and borrowing and forgetting. They always forget to get something, borrow it and then they forget to return it too!


11. Archivist

They are fastidious note keepers. They keep all notes, being in touch with them means, you will never miss a class even if you were absent.


12. Religious/Superstitious One

This one is very religious and superstitious about everything. In fact, his desk has probably been turned into an altar every year!

Religious Superstitious One

13. The Trouble Maker

There are some students who can do no good in the eyes of the teacher.

The Trouble Maker

14. Sleepers

There will always be some who utilize the class time to catch up on their sleep that they missed watching the late night match on TV!