12 Indian Brands With Ridiculous Taglines

Indian Brands With Ridiculous Taglines

Companies spend a lot of time and resources on developing a brand and a tagline that will get fixed in the minds of the customers so that whenever they hear the tagline or see the logo, they remember the company’s products. However, despite much deliberation, sometimes companies come up with taglines that have increased brand recall, but are so ridiculous that maybe the companies don’t want to be associated with it! Here are 12 Indian Brands who have been stuck with ridiculous taglines.

1. Layerr – Change The Atmosphere

A deo that should work wonders with the global warming situation caused by the huge volume of methane produced by cattle farting! Apply it to change the atmosphere.


2. Hike Messenger – Hike Up Your Life

Trying to use hike as a verb, the ad plays on the brand name to increase recall but fails miserably.

Hike Messenger

3. He Deo – Be Interesting

The latest deo ad that has Hrithika Roshan promoting it says that if you want to be interesting or the life of a party then you need to be using it. It is ridiculous on so many levels that it leaves us speechless.

He Deo

4. Amul Macho – Ye To Bada Toing Hai

An ad that will make you cringe in embarrassment as you spend some quality family time watching TV. Not only is the tagline vulgar and senseless, the ad itself is very distasteful.

Amul Macho

5. Nissan Sunny – It’s Not Just A Car. It’s A Caaar.

No matter how many a’s you try to add to it, ultimately when it rolls out of the garage it is just a car.

Nissan Sunny

6. Cadbury 5 Star – 5 Star Andar, Seriousness Bahar

The only thing giving tough competition to the ridiculous tagline is the ad itself. Claiming to cure the disease of seriousness, 5 Star is “serious” competition to psychiatrists everywhere.

Cadbury 5 Star

7. Halonix Bulb – Before Changing The Clothes, Change Your Bulb

What does the tagline want to convey? The life of the bulb is so short that every time you want to change your clothes you have to change the bulb?

Halonix Bulb

8. Camlin Marker – A Marker Can Change The Life (Of Your Spouse)

Imagine if the marker was used to make a moustache on her face instead of a bindi? It would definitely have changed the life (of your spouse).

Camlin Marker

9. Cobra Soda – So Smooth Anything Goes Down Well

The tagline really tempts you to try and define “anything”. The ad shows the dead Morarji Das leaving all his assets to the maid, to the shock of his family members. The eldest son drinks Cobra soda and is able to take this news sportingly. One word that defines this ad – ridiculous.

Cobra Soda

10. Rajnigandha – Muh Mei Rajnigandha Dil Mei Hain Duniya

Well if your mouth is stuffed full with that paan masala, whatever you feel will have to be in your “dil” only because you are unable to open your mouth!


11. Euro Underwear – Prepare To Get Assaulted

When women enter changing room and find a man flaunting his underwear they apparently are ready to assault him. It is definitely a true statement but the real meaning would be very different from that visualized by the producers!

Euro Underwear

12. Slice – Aam Sutra

Though the concept is a clever play on the ancient text on love, it really does sound ridiculous when connected with the product. It can be quite misleading!