12 Benefits Of Good Habits That Lead To Personal Excellence

Benefits Of Good Habits That Lead To Personal Excellence

Our character is a composite of our habits. Habits are automatic patterns of behavior in reaction to specific situations and are acquired through frequent repetition. Our habits possess the power to either make us or break us because we become what we repeatedly do. We first create our habits, and then our habits create us and accordingly shape our destiny.

Some of our bad habits are perfect formulas of self-destruction. Yet many of us indulge in them. Given our bad habits, it is no wonder that our life can really stink at times. Fortunately, we are stronger than our habits and therefore, we have the capability and power to change and get rid of bad habits. If we train ourselves to have good habits and be firm with them, our habits will place the world at our feet. But if we go easy with them, they have the power to destroy us.

Read Below Some Intriguing Facts Related To Good Habits:

Enable Us To Be On Schedule

We perform best when we operate on a regular schedule. Good sleeping habits, effective time management help us to develop good work routine which can also act as an inspiration for others.

Enable Us To Be On Schedule

Help Us Manage Money Wisely

By saving, budgeting, tracking and wisely spending money we lead a content, stress-free life which leads to happiness.

Help Us Manage Money Wisely

Make Us Practice Good Hygiene

Habits like brushing out teeth twice a day and washing our hands regularly not only contribute to health but also give us a smart and sharp appearance. First impressions are powerful and good habits help us leave a lasting good impression.

Good Hygiene

Make Us Respect Authority

Our failure to respect people in authority positions often lead to many problems whether it is our boss, a police officer, a university dean, a school teacher or any elder in our family. People who are in authority today have a job to do and they worked hard to be in the position they are in. So they deserve to be treated with manners and respect.

Make Us Respect Authority

Give Rise To Phenomenal Value Addition In Us And Help Us Climb The Ladder Of Success

Setting goals, planning in advance, good organizational and communicational skills, being punctual, proactive, respectful are some good habits which can be our greatest benefactors, can push us forward and can tremendously increase our value in the eyes of our employers, customers, family and other persons of importance in our lives.

Climb The Ladder Of Success

Serve As A Faithful Servant To Great People

Those who are great, their habits have made them so.

Serve As A Faithful Servant To Great People

Help Us Get Control Of Our Life

Good habits act as our constant companion by helping us get organised and getting more done in less time. Habits like being ahead of time relieve us of unnecessary stress and frustration.

Get Control Of Our Life

Increase Our Confidence

Habits like taking initiative, thinking about solutions and options rather than about problems and barriers always increase our confidence. They build our strength and self-esteem and help choose smart alternatives. They help us make wiser choices. They help us define our value-systems.

Increase Our Confidence

Improve Our Relationships With Our Parents, Our Near And Dear Ones

Habits like appreciating others, expressing gratitude, understanding the importance of time,  being respectful towards others’ feelings, being  kind and humble, being proactive can help us find and maintain equilibrium between work, friends, family and everything else.

Improve Our Relationships With Our Dear Ones

Can Help Us Get Rid Of Addictions

Self-discipline makes us goal-driven and we are able to set guidelines for ourselves regarding time to be spent in front of TV, computer, video-game or movies. Good habits enable us to stay away from addictions.

Can Help Us Get Rid Of Addictions

Good And Healthy Eating Habits Have A Far-reaching Impact on The Quality Of Our Life

Healthy eating habits help us to control our weight, combat disease. They result in improved eyesight and better brain power. They boost energy, improve our mood and improve our chances of longevity as we feel happier and more relaxed.

Good And Healthy Eating Habits

The Only Thing That Can Restrain You From Developing Good Habits Is Yourself

So folks, what are you waiting for? Tap the power possessed by good habits.Set goals when you are in the mood to do so. But bear in mind, that the mood will pass. Having the perseverance to stick by your newly-acquired good habit when you don’t feel like it is the true test of your character. After all, character is nothing but the discipline to abide by our decisions and resolutions with firmness long after the atmosphere and emotion in which they were made has gone.

Developing Good Habits Is Yourself