11 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Totally Have More Spicy Food

Scientific Reasons Why You Should Totally Have More Spicy Food

General opinions on spicy foods are split – some like them, some don’t! However, did you know that spicy foods actually benefit your overall health and more so, can help you with things like losing weight?! No? Then pay attention

Here Are 11 Of Reasons Why Spicy Foods Can Help Your Health!

Weight Loss

Did you know that spicy foods increase your satiety and hot peppers help with burning more calories? The active component of chili peppers called capsaicin (chili peppers are found in almost everything spicy!) has been shown by studies to help with decreasing calorie intake, lowering fat levels in blood and shrinking fat tissue. Moreover, this component has a heat potential, meaning it can increase the thermogenesis in your body (the process through which your body burns fuel to create energy)!

Weight Loss

Better Sex Life!

Oh yeah, spicy foods increase your bedroom performance! The spice in saffron and ginseng have been proven to be strong aphrodisiacs! This piece of news is useful for when you want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with a surprise dinner!

Better Sex Life

Reduced Tumor Risk

We’re turning towards capsaicin again! This time, in mice genetically prone to developing tumors, it has been discovered to extend their lifespan and reduce the number of tumors! It is especially effective against bladder, prostate and breast cancer – in a study, 80% of the prostate cancer cells were killed by this substance, while the treated one shrank by 1/5 of their size!!

Reduced Tumor Risk

Pain Relief

Capsaicin is at it again! This substance found in chili peppers helps relieve pain by depleting the cells of a substance called P. When applied on the skin, it hurts at first, because it activates the TRPV1 in nerves – after a little bit, however, the cells become exhausted and so they can’t “feel” anything anymore.

Pain Relief

Cleaning Your Sinuses

Besides peppers being really helpful towards the nasal mucus because they contain Vitamin A, capsaicin also helps actively fighting against a clogged sinus. Adding a bit of cayenne pepper to a cup of tea and either breathing it, drinking it or both helps stimulate the membrane that line your draining passage, thus relieving your sinuses!

Cleaning Your Sinuses

Less Ulcers!

The bacteria H. Pylori is the usual perpetrator when it comes to ulcers. What capsaicin does is help kill this bacteria, thus lowering the chance of an ulcer appearing! A study showed that Chinese food eaters, which contains less of this spicy substance, had a frequency of ulcers three times higher than people eating Indian food, which is known to be painfully spicy!

Less Ulcers

Anti-inflammatory Properties

According to Physical Therapist Wu Karena, spicy foods help treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis! According to her, foods with a high concentration with capsaicin are the most beneficial when talking about spicy foods – raw peppers, chopped, are the best in this category!

Anti inflammatory Properties

Less Heart Stress!

Spicy foods are supposed to lower the stress on your heart and help prevent risks such as heart attacks and strokes. What this mean is that the active substance in most spicy foods, capsaicin reduces the damaging effect of L.D.L – bad cholesterol, and fights off inflammation, all the while increasing blood circulation, all of them helping reduce the stress on the heart!

Less Heart Stress

Temperature Regulator

It sounds extremely weird for something that makes you hot to be able to regulate your temperature! But it is not only possible, but very real! What happens is if you’re cold, for example just came in from playing in the snow, spicy foods will help you warm up! But if you’re too warm, then eating something spicy will help you sweat more – and sweat is a natural temperature regulator. Thus, spicy foods greatly help in regulating your body temperature!

Mood Improvers

Did you know that your brain releases endorphin, which is the chemical that makes us feel happy, good? If you did, then now you should know that eating spicy foods causes heat – this heat then causes your brain to release endorphins, thus improving your mood. But the release of this chemical is not just about moods – it helps with pain relieving as well!

Mood Improvers

Lowered Overall Death Risk!

A study by the University of Harvard has shown that people who eat spicy foods on a daily basis have a 14% lowered mortality rate. Not only that, but they were less likely to get other serious diseases!

Spicy foods get a bad reputation but, frankly, it’s not deserved. While they do have some bad effects, like any other thing in this world, it is definitely clear that they can help you!